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Author: Dave Shea
Year: 1997
Version: (unknown)
Email: (unknown)
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


MButtons (BUTTONS.BAS) is a simple demo of a button system. It is more of a simple tutorial like VonGodric's GuiQB, but MButtons has different code. MButtons is supposed to have the ability to draw buttons using a "page" system which uses the concept of pages and active pages. This is interesting since it could come in handy. Drawing the buttons is easy since you basically define the objects and arrays before, but code like this is pretty easy:

But(1).x = 100: But(1).y = 80: But(1).x1 = 220: But(1).y1 = 95
But(1).Text = "Next Page": But(1).Page = 1

Screen Shot

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