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Windows X

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Author: Hacksoft (Jamie McCrae)
Year: 1999
Version: (unknown)
Email: (unknown)
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


A SECRET: Windows X took only 5 hours to make.

Windows X is a pretty interesting GUI since it is one of the few not to use a mouse, but the arrow keys. This was actually the inspiration of Fun500 GUI. One thing I'm not sure about in this quote from Windows X is this: "It is pretty versatile, because it has its own OS". It has its own OS? QBasic requires DOS to work. In the code, they took the DOS environment and called it "Operating System X" quoted as this: "OSX is amazingly easy, it's basically DOS." It's basically DOS? It is DOS!!! Well, I guess that they were inspired that they thought they wrote their own OS.

Screen Shot

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