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Author: Matthew R. Walsh
Year: 2000
Version: 0.09a
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


Apollo is a fast but strange GUI. It includes a simple scripting language for writing programs and a seemingly-nice environment, but all hopes and dreams are smashed when the GUI shows one error like below and soon the error messages pile up. I'd hate to compile a C program in it if it let me. In the code, there are also strange comments and interesting word choices for variables like this: (DECLARE SUB cpuIDLE (sex!)) I'll let your mind run wild with that.

The programs like the "Cambridge Instant Messenger" or "Net Link" don't work because they simply aren't finished. The environment is nice-looking, and I believe that it could be fixed up to work properly.

A SECRET: There is a neat secret in Apollo. If you go into the "System" folder within Apollo, copy "krnl386x.exe" to this PATH: C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\gothic (might be hard on an NT-platform). Next, copy all the Apollo files into that folder too! Finally, run "krnl386x.exe", and you'll find a similar environment to Apollo except with a draggable window saying "hehe". Probably just some garbage left behind from testing.

Screen Shot


1969-12-31 19:00:00 by Matthew R. Walsh

Coming back 16 years later and seeing this actually makes me pretty proud. I wrote far better scripts than this back in the day, who knew in less than 10 years later, id be making millions of dollars and own my own software company. The very beginnings were clearly humble, but it was projects like this that carried knowledge and understanding of innovative concepts into the future. Thanks for hosting it all of these years :)

1969-12-31 19:00:00 by Matthew R. Walsh

It's 5 years old, I didnt care much while making it, you all take these QBasic GUI's so seriously, my friend MrChrome and I used to make them each weekend to compare what we could do in two days, lol. I dont know how they got leaked. Anyways, yeah, this looks like crap and runs like crap, but like I said - it wasnt a serious release.

1969-12-31 19:00:00 by Todd

I remember the guy who made this was throwing crap at Jonathan Thorpe because M-OS wasn't good. Look at this and tell me if it's any better.

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