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WinGui 2.00 Build 1

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Author: Flexto2
Year: 2003
Version: 2.00 Build 1
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


Hmmm..... it still looks the same. But, there are some interesting things in this version than the Beta version. For one, the background is a neat feature that makes it look interesting. I like the "The Cat" background the best. There is drag-and-drop, message boxes, list boxes, text boxes, combo boxes, scroll bars, icons, windows, and more. There is a small terminal-type command-line window that is in it, but it only has one command: "exit". This resembles Windows 3.1 in quite some ways, and it could be a very competitive GUI for SVGA. Which reminds me, the GUI also can be set to work in SCREEN 12 and other screen modes! Isn't that cool?

Screen Shot

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