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Author: Lars Hau?er and Philipp Ennen
Year: 2001
Version: 1.2
Email: (unknown)
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


COMQUII is an interesting GUI. It has a few features, but the programs are not available in this version. This GUI is also a German GUI. The code is not easy to compile either. Some programs have to be loaded with the "CQL" library (QB /L CQL), other programs don't have to be. There is also a trick to how it works.

A SECRET: To get COMQUII to work, create a file in the root of the C: called "comqui.txt". In the text file, put the directory of COMQUII (e.g. C:\COMQU2\) or wherever you extracted COMQUII. This way, COMQUII will work when it is run.

Screen Shot

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