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CycloNe 2.5.2

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Author: Zero Divide
Year: 2005
Version: 2.5.2
Email: (reference website)
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


CycloNe 2.5.2 is becoming powerful and wonderful! This GUI reminds me of PC/GEOS, a good GUI that almost competed with Windows 3.1 in the 1990s. This is outstanding since it has multiple windows, a nice interface, many controls, great stability, and it is also in SVGA. If the desktop's background looked a little nicer, I'd probably say it looks as good as Windows. The author, Zero Divide, is doing a very great job with CycloNe. I used the same screenshot since the ".2" in the "2.5.2" was just for additional error and bug corrections.

Screen Shot

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