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Costa 0.9.0 (VGA) PREVIEW

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Author: Jacob Palm
Year: 2005
Version: 0.9.0 (VGA)
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


Whoa!!! This GUI just gets better and better! Costa 0.9.0 (VGA) PREVIEW is a couple features short, mainly on purpose for development reasons, but it now has fully draggable windows! There was an SVGA PREVIEW which didn't work on any of my machines, but the VGA was easily converted! The themes are still there, but they are going to be released in the 0.9.0 version. I'm very impressed that this is a teenager's work and that this GUI has really been developed for a while. Most GUI programmers write GUIs and give up, sadly. This is a perfect example of patience, time, and development. Oh, and not giving up. ;-)

Screen Shot

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