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Fun500 GUI 2.0 (0.20)

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Author: Brandon Cornell
Year: 2005
Version: 2.0 Build 0.
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


A SECRET: This was written by a 12-year old. How neat is that?!

Fun500 GUI 2.0 (0.20) is inching more and more towards the better side of GUIs. Fun500 GUI 2.0 (0.20) now has a windowing Z-order, which allows windows to be dragged without them interfering with other windows. The Z-order is pretty good for the most part, but it lacks in the window's part sometimes. Whenever you click on a window behind another window, it'll drag, but it won't appear over the other window until the position of the window is outside of the other window. This is a small mistake, but it is still looking better and better. There is also a introductory boot screen too.

Screen Shot

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