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Author: KG Software
Year: 2001
Version: 4.0
Email: KGSOFTWARE@HOTMAIL.COM (Kenneth Garin) AND Whocar1570@AOL.COM (Joe Bardell)
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


X-GUI 4 is truly a work of art! I recommend this to people who have old MS-DOS machines, since this works very well. Sometimes, it runs a little slow, but it usually speeds up. X-GUI 4 has some big changes. I know some people said X-GUI 3 had potential if only it had accessories. Well, now it does. X-GUI 4 has almost everything, including a paint-brush program! :-) What's really neat about all these accessories is that they are all written in XLANG, which is X-GUI's scripting language. XLANG works a lot like Windows programming, in the sense that it is compiled from source to an executable, with a specific format. XLANG compiles it from an XLA file to an XSF file. This is really neat and well worth a try.

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