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Fun500 GUI 2.0 (0.60)

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Author: Brandon Cornell
Year: 2006
Version: 2.0 Build 0.
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


A SECRET: This GUI was written in freeBASIC.

Fun500 GUI 2.0 (0.60) is the first GUI reviewed to be written in freeBASIC. The GUI runs on Windows but acts almost like an "emulator" in the sense that it shows a window with graphics of Fun500 GUI 2.0. This version was written in freeBASIC to use SVGA without using DOS. The GUI is very unique in the sense that it has themes. These themes aren't available in this version, but they will be soon. The GUI's window (below) can be dragged, but only the "Credits" window really works. The original window, when dragged, causes the program to crash, but this has been resolved in the next version. This is a pretty interesting GUI and it is the first GUI in freeBASIC to be reviewed here on Data Components GUI Reviews.

Screen Shot

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