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DC-OS 1.0 Beta 2

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Author: Murray Parkinson
Year: 2007
Version: 1.0 Beta 2
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


NOTE: When installing, DC-OS will be installed into "c:\fl35". Changing the directory or folder DC-OS is in will cause it not to work properly.

DC-OS is a very interesting GUI which uses GControl by AMP Software for the use of widgets in its programs. DC-OS has a very rich theme and style. Although I could not get a screenshot, the GUI is spectacular to run. The icons are from KDE, a desktop program for Linux-based operating systems, which give DC-OS an interesting look. There are some small problems in the Beta. Some of these problems include when you try to open or save a file without putting in a filename in some programs, you receive an error and the program crashes. DC-OS also uses GraphicVision File Manager, which was written in Pascal as a graphical file manager. The GUI has some interesting themes to make the interface slightly more configurable. This GUI is catching up with progress and performance.

Special Thanks to Brandon Cornell for the screenshot.

Screen Shot

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