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Elite OS

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Author: Frasterick
Year: 2000
Version: 1.0.1
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


Elite OS isn't much. It is just a cursor that moves around. When you left-click the top-left corner, you get a prompt asking for you to run an EXE file, but if you right-click the top-left corner, you get a prompt asking you to run a BAS file. When you click the bottom, you get a type of command prompt. Elite OS includes some programs, but they aren't very easy to access, unfortunately. You wouldn't know they existed if you didn't dig around the Elite OS folder a little.

There really isn't too much in this GUI that's useful but this is a GUI reviews site so I'll post it anyway.

A SECRET: To run Elite OS, you must copy "elite.ini" from the "System" folder of Elite OS and put it in the root of the "C:".

Screen Shot

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