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Author: Zenex Software Development
Year: 2008
Version: 2K-9 Beta 1
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


NOTE: To run Cobra, unzip the entire file to the root directory of your hard disk and then change the "GUIBlog.INI" file in your "Users" folder to "JASON.INI".

Cobra is somewhat creative with some nice themes and backgrounds. It's a small BETA that has its share of features as well as its share of faults. I hit a speedbump when running it for the first time (a RED screen of death deal). The GUI has a lot of potential and can be improved to have better and quicker-running applications. Sometimes it's slow and can be a little pokey. Some of the apps should be improved (i.e. no enters in Text Pad). It has some simple apps with basic features, but nothing really extraordinary that stands out yet. There's not much documentation but a couple of files. Overall it's a work-in-progress that's coming along nicely.

Screen Shot

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