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Medea OS

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Author: SoftMode V.E.
Year: 2005
Status: Supposedly in development...
Reviewed by: Todd


NOTE: To run Medea OS, run the "MEDEA.BAT" file in the "SISTEMA" folder.

NOTE: To login to Medea OS, use the "seriale free.txt" file which supplies you with the data to enter into each text box.

Medea OS is an Italian GUI that uses the QB IDE as an interpreter. The GUI is not compiled but rather disguised as ".LIB" files. The GUI is somewhat interesting since it's interface is somewhat different than the ordinary GUI. Medea OS monotasks and does not really have much of a lot that I could get working. Most of the programs are mainly text-based with little use of graphics. Be aware that all the text is in Italian, so if you don't know Italian, now's a good time to learn.

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