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Author: SoXiE
Year: 2009
Status: Supposedly in development...
Reviewed by: Todd


I couldn't really get this to work since the SVGA routines that are bundled with this don't work on my computer. All I got was a "Division by Zero" error before it could run and then when I fixed it, I got a blank, non-functioning screen.

The author mentions that the VESA/SVGA routines are made for 32 bpp (bits per pixel). Unfortunately I really can't review this GUI since I couldn't get it to work. I'm attaching the screenshot the author sent in the file to give you a preview of what it would look like if it works.

It looks like a neat and interesting GUI since it imitates Mac OS 6.0.7 (as mentioned by the author). If anyone does get it working, please be sure to comment on this review.

Screen Shot


1969-12-31 19:00:00 by SoXiE

I found how to run in in dosbox!!! screen mode 640x480x32 is &H112. I added this to source and it's too slooooow now =)

8186-05-29 12:35:42 by SoXiE

=) I sent it 7/02. If I could find normal vesa desc, which will work not only in qb45 (antoni's jpeg), it will work, but in windows cause of memory troubles in plain dos (not dosbox or vpc), real plain dos on 286 machine with trident (or any which supports 32bpp). sloooow, but testable. also in perspecitve i want to understand how works 16bpp mode (writing in memory - PutPixel 2 bytes - Hi and Lo its okae, but reading and extracting 3 integers from 2 i dont understand)

1903-05-29 12:35:42 by Todd

Yeah my notebook's graphics card is an Intel brand. I have a laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon which I could try but I still have my doubts. Sorry for taking so long to review it. I found it yesterday in the drop box and didn't know it was there since the beginning of February! :-(

9703-05-29 12:35:40 by SoXiE

Thanks Todd for reviewing my gui. yeah, svga works on a few machines (but all of them had ATI radeon!, strange?). These routines was partically ported from TCLib 1.7, and this lib doesn't want to work on my notebook too!:( i guess it's because of SetSVGAMode, which doesnt cheks mode info from vesa bios (it means than mode &H124 maybe not equal 1280x1024x32). and i was surprised that in your dosbox pds has no error 'out of memory' =)

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