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Author: trolly
Year: 2009
Version: 1.0
Status: Supposedly in development...
Reviewed by: Todd


Asgard is an amazing GUI with an easy-to-use user interface. It runs in SVGA/VESA 640x480 screen resolution. The GUI is monotasking but manages to use it nicely to its advantage. The GUI and its applications all make full use of the screen as well as being able to accomplish what you want with simplicity.

All files are stored on your hard drive, but to save the novice user the chore of looking for the file, Asgard saves it to a list of files created from within itself. Although this is a nice way of keeping an organized file system, it does not let you access files outside of that. You cannot organize files on your hard drive nor can you fully manage the data. Although it's simple, the trade-off for having a friendly file management system is the lack of complete file management.

Asgard comes packed with some neat applications too such as a QML Reader, icon painter, text editor, spreadsheet program, and more. It's sure to get the most out of your DOS computer with a good look and feel.

Overall this is a great GUI to try.

Screen Shot

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