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Windoze 3.0

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Author: Angelo Rosina
Year: 2009
Version: 3.0
Status: Unknown (supposedly put on halt)
Reviewed by: Todd


NOTE: Use the "-lang deprecated" parameter when compiling in FreeBASIC.

The infamous Windoze GUI has now been ported to FreeBASIC by Angelo Rosina. In comparison to most QB to FB ports, this one seems to hit the nail on the head. There aren't really any major losses of code and the GUI functions properly. Just like Windoze 2.0 (for QuickBASIC), most of the functionality in Windoze 3.0 is retained and works seamlessly. I compiled this in FB for Windows so the mouse functionality was thrown off kilter a little since it runs at 1280x1024 (running in full screen works best). Other than that, I didn't see any problems when playing around with it. Definitely worth a try if you want to play around with GUIs in FreeBASIC!

Screen Shot

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