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Author: Jake Drake
Year: 2011
Version: 0.01
Status: Supposedly in development...
Reviewed by: Todd


Although limited in functionality at the moment, Cyclops OE follows a minimalistic user interface with small text and button widgets which do not use much space at all.

There is not much to review other than the source code. The GUI uses a library which provides UI drawing subroutines. One unique feature about the GUI is that the buttons are fixed width which exist in VAR files as static images that are read and drawn on the screen depending on a button being drawn pressed or released.

There isn't much of a framework besides the UI library providing mouse and widget control. Buttons are implemented on a primitive level (e.g. wherever you know the button is, check to see if the area is clicked). The UI framework does nothing to handle button clicking or window dragging at the moment. The overall functionality is an exit button, a test button (which displays a message), and the top-left "X" for also closing the GUI.

A SECRET: This was created by a 15-year old!

Screen Shot


1969-12-31 19:00:00 by Jake Drake

I see that you tested my gui at almost 11:00 at night. lol

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