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Author: Gemino Michael Smothers
Year: 2009
Version: 1.0
Status: Unknown (supposedly put on halt)
Reviewed by: Todd


DREAM16 is a small GUI environment that captures a very minimalistic view of functionality. The style reminds me vaguely of Windows X however DREAM16 utilizes the mouse. Icons on the left and right are small buttons for doing things like copying and deleting files, making and deleting directories, and a couple simple programs for functionality. It uses a small interpreter called "ProSEED" which resembles a BASIC-80-like syntax. The language uses semicolons for delimiters in many different segments of statements but the syntax isn't too difficult to pick up. Everything is console based in ProSEED and the only graphical parts include the DREAM16 menu and an annoying screensaver that kicks in when you stop moving the mouse.

Screen Shot

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