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Author: Todd Suess
Year: 2005
Version: N/A
Email: N/A
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


This was a GUI I wrote a long time ago which I recently dug up from one of my backup drives. I tried compiling it in QB 4.5 from my current machine only to find out that the "GetShortFileName" subroutine was part of another library (which I'm trying to find). I last worked on this GUI on my Windows 98 laptop in 2005 and my QB configuration was not copied when I backed it up.

I was trying to make an OS/2 clone and one of the more difficult things I wanted to replicate was a file selector. I decided to give it up since it was near the time I wanted to learn something new.

I tried running it in DOSBox but because DOSBox's shell does not support "dir /a-d" yet, I can't get directory and file lists individually since I was still using the primitive (and traditional for its day) file listing routine by calling "SHELL" from QB.

You're welcome to use it for anything you want. It's not the best design but just thought someone would get a kick out of my old code.

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