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Author: Todd Suess
Year: 2005
Version: N/A
Email: N/A
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


My first successful attempt at making a GUI with a basic scripting engine was "Dialogs GUI." I found this on one of my backup drives from years ago.

I wanted to make something of a GUI scripting language and also make a program that programmers could implement in their GUIs to allow for dialog boxes and simple handling of forms. I wanted to take a stab at making a simplified and esoteric scripting language which others could adopt. The only problem was that I never released this nor did I get as far as I would've liked with it.

Dialogs has functionality to handle buttons, windows, icons, and labels. Text boxes would've been nice but I was ignorant at the time. It's more or less just a challenge I set for myself to see if I could make something similar to what others were doing at the time.

It includes all the code for several different versions of Dialogs as well as an attempted "Visual Designer" which I don't think ever materialized.

Please do not judge me based on my political opinions in 2005, as they were expressed in a Dialogs script in the screenshot below - didn't have time to make a new one. This was just to show some simple functionality. Feel free to judge my code but please keep in mind that I wrote this more than 5 years ago.

Screen Shot

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