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Fun500 6.3

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Author: Brandon Cornell
Year: 2011
Version: 6.3
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


Before I start, Fun500 GUI seems to really some erratic shifts in functionality and structure from each new version. So 5.1.1 was entirely different from 6.3 and 5.1.1 from 4.0, etc. I can't say that it follows consistent development patterns since almost every version employs a new technique or regresses to an older method for doing things.

Anyway, this version of Fun500 GUI has all applications built into it with a dark theme going on. Unlike 5.1.1, 6.3 has all applications built into the F56.EXE file. It's also worth noting that this version of Fun500 GUI is open source so the code is modifiable to the user's wishes.

It still comes with some basic applications and a few new ones: QML Reader, Paint, RSS [Reader], and FM (File Manager). These applications are all very decent and certainly have quite a bit of functionality. The only issue I have is that windows cannot be opened more than once (as you can see in the screenshot below) and thus while multitasking is available, you are restricted to only one instance for each application. One minor issue is the calculator which does not hide all decimal values in a floating point number (for some odd reason). This is also exhibited in the screenshot below. The windows are draggable and the GUI multitasks with ease.

Like I said before, I cannot definitively say whether this GUI is better or worse than its older versions but it certainly implements a few neat techniques that are worthy of GUI programming and development.

Screen Shot

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