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WizGui 2

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Author: WizINC. (VonGodric)
Year: 2003
Version: 2.0
Email: N/A
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


WizGui 2 extends the functionality of the original WizGui with some more styled aesthetics. This screenshot came from the website since WizGui wouldn't work in a DOS emulator. The GUI features 2 themes: Windows 98 and Windows XP. Both themes look almost exactly like the interfaces that they emulate, but in some ways, they are better. The windows can be dragged, and the GUI can even MULTITASK. This process is accomplished by monitoring the active window and moving EMS memory pages in and out when the windows change. These memory pages provide space for storing the cached window while widget metadata is stored in global memory locally in QB. WizGui brings in great aesthetic features for a QB SVGA GUI while demonstrating good principals of GUI design. Well worth a download.

Screen Shot

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