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Fun500 GUI 2005 Silver

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Author: Brandon Cornell
Year: 2005
Version: 2005 Silver
Status: In Development...
Reviewed by: Todd


A SECRET: It was written by a 6th grader! How amazing is that?
A SECRET: This GUI was inspired by Windows X.

It seems like Fun500 GUI is really being developed quickly and fast. The website is also looking nicer and better. Since the Bronze version, the Silver version includes a screensaver and two extra icons which can be programmed within the code to run BAS files (EXT1.BAS and EXT2.BAS). The GUI is very easy to use overall and has a nice boot screen in the beginning. I'm not sure if it's me, but it seems like more GUIs are incorporating boot-up screens... but that's just me. Overall, Fun500 GUI 2005 Silver is improving and improving. I also know that the version "1.00" of Fun500 GUI will include mouse routines and a SCREEN 9 interface!

Screen Shot

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