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Author: Greg Lee
Year: 1995
Version: 3.0
Email: (Greg Lee 1 on AOL)
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


Buttons is an interesting GUI and button library for its time. The button demo below shows what can be done with Buttons. The functionality is simple since widgets are assigned numeric IDs which can be used to track events they send such as clicking. What is a little irritating is that the author uses this "animate" function which is basically referring to a click event for a widget but "animate" determines if a widget has been clicked and "findAnimate" returns the ID of the widget clicked. However the use of the word "animate" for function names seems a little misleading in this context.

This library was used by another GUI (BB-OS) reviewed on this site which may give you a perspective on how practical it can be. This library has some neat functions that may come in handy for programming or writing a quick and simple GUI. The downside is that the library is closed-source and only works with QB 4.5.

Screen Shot

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