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Author: Rodney Steele
Year: 1997
Version: 1.0
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


Easymenu is a simple demonstration of a menu in either SCREEN 13 (320x200x256) or SCREEN 12 (640x480x16). The menu looks a lot like the one from QBasic 1.0, but it has no action in it what-so-ever, except for the "Exit" menu item. In the code, there are "CASE"s which store the actions of the menu items. You might have to look for it, and it might be a little hard since the CASE index goes by the index of the menu item (e.g. CASE 1 'New, CASE 2 'Open, CASE 3 'Save, CASE 4 'Save As, CASE 5 'Print, CASE 6 'Exit).

Screen Shot

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