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MGUI-OS 2002

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Author: Tobias Doerffel
Year: 2002
Version: 2002
Email: (unknown)
Status: Abandoned
Reviewed by: Todd


I knew there used to be an MGUI-OS 2001, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If there were a website, I could look it up at Well, MGUI-OS 2002 has many neat features in it that make it one of the best GUIs for SCREEN 12. As you can see below, MGUI-OS can multitask!!!! It uses its own programming language similar to Visual Basic. The programming language is object-oriented (or so it looks) and when compiled, it writes its own programs with a specific executable header so that it can only be run in MGUI-OS! This is truly amazing, and the code is amazing as well. Compiling the code is the hard part. But, this is well worth a download. (NOTE: It doesn't work on Windows XP/2000, but it does work on Windows 9.x).

Screen Shot

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